At Airborne we believe an exhilarating kiteboarding holiday is the product of a perfect location, reliable winds and all the facilities you need to enjoy them...

All Airborne Kite Centres are located on pristine stretches of kiteboarding coastline. These locations have been carefully chosen due to the many desirable qualities these stretches of coastline have to offer, this includes not only great, consistent winds for 9 months of the year but also pristine beaches and ideal conditions all-round!

The North Easterly winds, known as The Kaskazi winds blow from December - March/April.

The South Easterly Kusi winds kick in for the months of May - October.

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In Kenya, we are located on the world class Nyali Beach, within Mombasa Beach Hotel grounds. Over the last couple of years this beach has started to gain international recognition as a world class kite-surfing location.

In Tanzania, we have newly established in Paje, on the south-east coast of stunning Zanzibar Island. This is a kitesurfing goldmine location just waiting to explode! Virtually untouched crystal clear tropical waters, lagoons, islands and bays. Flat calm protected lagoons and great waves out on and beyond the reef! What more could you want?!

Kite Centre Facilities, Activities and Events

  • Fully accredited International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) centres
  • Full kite centre amenities including compressor, pack-down area, rescue boat and swimming pool (Mombasa’s Nyali base).
  • Extreme down-winders, full moon kiting, bonfire BBQ parties and other events.
  • Storage for personal kiting equipment.
  • Trained kite-handlers to help you set-up, pack down and launch.
  • Rescue boat and team.
  • Professional and experienced internationally recognised IKO instructors.
  • Equipment hire and sales.
  • Adventure holiday packages
  • Great deals available on accommodation with your kite centre packages.
  • Spacious seating area with bar serving great value snacks and drinks.
  • Excellent membership deals.
  • Over 10 years experience in the watersports industry.
  • Cabrinha and Best kites international dealer.
  • Closely linked to, and within walking distance from Mombasa's largest watersports centre, and Zanzibar’s snorkeling and SCUBA diving hot zones.
  • Wi-Fi internet.
  • Vibrant atmosphere, don`t want to kite? Just come and hang out!

Centre Descriptions

Our centre’s all offer the following;

  • Great wind nearly all year round!
  • Wide tropical un-crowded beaches
  • Ideal cross-onshore winds
  • Warm, clear waters
  • Large protected smooth and shallow lagoons immediately offshore (Great for learners and those practising their tricks)
    Offshore reef for those kiters who love riding waves
  • Kenya and Tanzania are relatively cheap travel destinations. Plenty of alternative activities are also available for non-kiting family members, partners and friends!
  • Central location with easy access to all of Mombasa's and Zanzibar’s major attractions
  • Fantastic snorkeling and SCUBA diving opportunities
  • Combine kiting and a true African safari in one holiday!
  • We believe in giving you the most personalized service at the most competitive prices!

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