Down wind S'e'afaris

Our extensive coastline allows us to make long downwind runs within the protected lagoon area or along the waves caused by the reef during high tide. Due to the popularity of such runs we came up with the down wind s'e'afari. As a group we kite along various stretches of our coastline with the support of the rescue boat to accompany the kiters during the journey. Stops are often made on spectacular offshore sandbars and drinks and snacks are provided in this event package.

Full moon kiting and party

Locations close to the equator are blessed with spectacularly bright nights during the full moon. This offers an opportunity to do a little night kiting. For safety we kite close to the shore within the protected lagoon area and use glow sticks to mark our position. You are welcome to bring along non-kiting partners and friends to spectate and join in the after kiting party on these evenings.

Sundowner Kiting with bonfire barbeque

On nights not blessed with a full moon we can still take advantage of the glorious sunsets, we have altered the Kenyan tradition of having a drink at this time to kiting and then enjoy a drink and a barbeque afterwards


  • Full moon Kiteboarding and party
  • Sundowner Kiting with bonfire barbeque
  • Organized down-winder s'e'afaris
  • Wave Riding on the reef
  • Any other ideas while you are here, just let us know and we will see what we can do
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