We believe in having fun both on and off the water!

Kitesurfing is a very social sport, because of this we have a members bar and seating area especially for all those who kite with us and also for the use of their friends, partners and families. Great value drinks and snacks are available for when you are off the water and there is even a beach side pool within the centre area for those that wish to top up their tans whilst watching the kiting.
In addition to the short term memberships for holiday clients we also have many permanent members resident to our coast. We believe this mix of kiters from all over swapping stories, tips and kiting together creates a great social atmosphere and adds to the enjoyment of all. All kiters are guaranteed a warm welcome at Airborne.
  • Facilities available to you when you kite with us
  • Regular kiting events
  • Full kite centre amenities
  • Trained kite-handlers, rescue boat and team
  • Great deals on accommodation with kite centre packages!
  • Equipment and accessory sales and hire
  • Memberships (available for various durations from one day to a year)
  • The most competitive prices on the East African coast! We believe in keeping the cost down to keep you coming back for more!
  • Over 10 years experience in the watersports industry
  • We believe in giving you the most personalized service at the most competitive prices!
East Africas only instructor trainer centre

Tremendous kiting innovations have created a safer and universally accessible sport!

As Kite surfing is no longer in it's infancy there has been sufficient time for tremendous developments in kite safety and regulation. IKO courses are well structured so that learning is taken one step at a time; familiarity with safety procedures, assessing safe weather conditions and other safety issues are part of that process.

The tremendous evolution in equipment includes the development of superior safety systems and kite designs. Bow-kites not only offer excellent performance and stability but also have the major advantage of being able to be immediately and completely depowered if required.

As a result kiteboarding is more enjoyable, safe and fun for both learners and experienced riders.

Kiting is now a sport that most people can enjoy regardless of age or sex!

  • Experienced IKO qualified instructors
  • All staff are thoroughly familiar with the local environment and conditions
  • Adherence to standard safety procedures
  • Rescue boat on standby at all times
  • Kite helmets and buoyancy aids used during training sessions
  • Trained kite-handlers so you don't have to self-launch or land your kite
  • All staff are trained in CPR and first aid
  • Bow-Kites with 100% depower
  • Well maintained and current equipment

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