Extreme Kite Kenya Coast Adventure!

We take you on a 16 day, 200km downwind adventure travelling from the Tanzanian border to the Somali border, but staying within Kenyan waters the whole way up.

There is no more adventurous way of seeing Kenya by land and sea! The primary objective is of course to get as much kiting in as possible, kiting THE best spots and stretches of coastline! more...

Extreme Kite Zanzibar Adventure!

This 1 week extreme downwinder takes you to some of the most secret and virtually undiscovered sandbanks, adjoining islands, remote beaches, bays and lagoons that Zanzibar has to offer.

The crystal clear tropical waters offer an ideal location to expereince marine life in its most natural state. Calm and smooth water within the lagoons and wave riding on the reef are just an added bonus to what this trip is all about!

Great Accommodation and Kite Centre Packages!

Whether you are planning your next kiteboarding holiday to Kenya or Tanzania we can organise fantastic Accommodation-Kite Centre packages at all our centres to meet various budgets and needs.

East Africas only instructor kite centre

Extreme Kite Kenya Coast and Kite Zanzibar Downwinders!


The surfari incorporates what we love -kiting, beaches, clear, warm waters and skies as well as some incredible scenery. To boost, for the Kite Kenya Coast trip we also include a 3 day land-based safari to see the amazing cultures, wildlife and landscapes Kenya has to offer. A few party nights, full moon kitesurfing and bonfire bbq evenings are all planned in to make sure you also get to experience some of the Kenyan and Tanzanian nightlife!

  • This is an adventure of a lifetime at an incredible rate!
  • The package holidays include all accommodation, most meals as well as all land, boat and air transfers within Kenya or Tanzania.
  • Accommodation is luxury camp style, chalets and hotels.
  • Experienced riders IKO level 3 (Or equivalent) and above are a minimum riding requirement.
  • Kite Kenya coast trips scheduled twice a year, and Kite Zanzibar trips scheduled four times a year.
  • Group bookings of six or more pax available year round (Within the seasons) upon request.
  • Confirmations, with a 20% deposit, required one month prior to departure.
  • Book now and experience an adventure of a lifetime!

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